It's a Virtual-Virtual-Virtual World

The Year 2020 has been quite an extraordinary  year in terms of vast changes that it brought in the manner we were so accustomed to lead our lives. The situation demanded that we remain confined to our homes and performed all our chores ON LINE ; be it our work, shopping, training, gaming, chatting, meeting and everything that we were doing otherwise. 

Indeed, it turned into a Virtual World. 


The last few months have seen a huge thrust on web meetings, webinars and a host of cultural and social programs on virtual platform. From morning on-line Yoga classes to scores of training programs on a variety of subjects can keep you fruitfully busy through the day.

One of the virtual program on  Energy Summit and National Award Program that I was a part of, was organized on an amazing Hive platform which offered a Lobby, Parallel Conference running for different sectors,   Exhibition: where you could interact with the representatives at the particular booth, B2B Lounge, Library, Network and Partners. Indeed an amazing event which gave a feeling of actually being at the venue sans the courtesies of lunch and coffee breaks. 




The technology has markedly evolved and has changed our life style in a dramatic way. WFH has become a norm and most purchases and payments are so very easy on a click of a button on your mobile device. The world seems to have shrunk to a smaller size.

I personally had an exceedingly small presence on the virtual platform in the initial phase; however, had to keep pace somehow to be active and engaged with the changes happening so rapidly. The recent on-line training on “Removing the anxiety on Digital Journey” organized by my good friend, Raghu Krish was indeed a great help that empowered me to build my own web site in a matter of just two weeks. I felt I successfully faced the challenges of the virtual world. Will always be thankful to Raghu.

On the flip side however, the present Covid-19 pandemic has not only led us to observe the social (physical) distancing, don’t we also feel an emotional distance! Does sitting in front of a computer give you the thrill of meeting your friends and colleagues in person? Do you feel the same pleasure while waving your hand on screen against a warm hand shake or a comforting/soothing hug? I’ll personally always miss these gestures which are so powerful tools of non-verbal communication to express your feelings. I always long to hold a paperback in my hand than scores of e-books on my tablet.

I only pray and hope that the situation gets back to normal fast or it is already the new normal, as they say! We can only wait and see.

So long for now.

Love you Zindagi!!


Walking is the easiest and most effective, anytime Fitness program. With the right motivation to be regular, walking can be great fun and beneficial for overall wellbeing.


    Walk your Way  to Health and Happiness.

I am an ardent walker, and an early morning walk has become a staple for me. An early morning walk is a great exhilaration. Besides the fitness and pathological numbers that remain in check, one feels elevated in the tranquil natural surroundings. I have built up some strong relationships during such walks besides feeling good about myself. Walking provides me with an awesome time with myself and facilitates de-cluttering my mind from any negative emotions that we all tend to accumulate in our fast paced, stressful lifestyle.

To derive ample fitness benefits, walking must be an aerobic activity which increases your pulse rate and lungs work to fill yourself with oxygen, not the heavy pounding or racing. I maintain the right speed to be comfortable and not exerting myself to overtake other fellow walkers.

Though I prefer walking mindfully, chanting at times or humming a favourite song, catching up with some buddy over a chat on mutual interest is fun too. One tends to lose track of time spent and the extra walk is a great bonus indeed.

During the pandemic, I did miss out on my regular walks and find that the body reverts to its inactive state, making it a bit tricky to get back to your rhythm. But it is a matter of a couple of days before you are on track and start enjoying the great activity that walking is.

I urge and appeal to you my dear friends to inculcate walking in your daily routine and make this your personal ‘Conditioning’ & ‘Servicing’ program.

And you will surely grasp greater fitness, health, and a positive frame of mind.

So long for now,

Happy Walking.