Dear Friends This is Raghu Krish, Digital Coach and entrepreneur.

I am very pleased to know that Mr. Dilip Chandarana is formally launching his signature training programs equipped with his new digital assets.

I have known Dilip for some time, but I got to know him very closely when he enrolled as a student to my 'Website-Mastery-Course' of the 'Digital-Journey-Series', where I was totally fascinated by his focus, his enthusiasm & determination to learn new unknown things, his mindful approach towards his goal and his overall jovial nature and team-spirit. He successfully followed the instructions in the course, became truly digitally empowered and has built a beautiful digital asset - namely this web-site -'DcCareerPlus.com'.

I have personally not had the fortune of attending Dilip's trainings so far, but will do so in near future but having observed him as a student in my 'Web-site Mastery Course', I can clearly visualize that he brings all the qualities listed above plus his wealth of experience, wisdom and achievements into his own trainings and am very sure his trainings will deliver great value to his participants. I feel proud and truly humbled to have had such a wonderful human being as my student and look forward to, (as his tag-line says), 'Get Inspired' & learn many things from him.

Dilip, as you usher-in the digitally-equipped 'Version 2.0' of your training journey, I truly wish & pray for all your success and happiness!!
You are truly inspiring and 'Best Wishes' to you again Sir, as I sign-off!
Namasthe ! This is Nagalakshmi, Director, JOY Academy & Yoga Teacher.
Words will be too less to talk about Dilip.
You are one of my Best students and a well wisher. It's time to share few words about you. I am proud to say that you are a good, motivated and dedicated person and a "Role Model" to all age groups.
Traveling with you is always an energetic and positive path ahead.
I wish you all the very Best for your new goal and God bless you with good health and positive energies .
Director, JOY Academy
My name is Pratik Chandarana and I work at a Fortune 100 Global Bank as a Vice President of Finance.
I have met many influencers throughout my career and have gone through numerous and excellent coaching sessions but to date my favorite coach and who has had the biggest influence on my life is my Dad, whom everyone else addresses as Dilip Chandarana. He is the most positive and motivated person I know. Right through my childhood, I have seen his excellent journey in both his professional and personal life, his positivity and expertise have won him tremendous respect and following wherever he goes.
He has always continued to amaze me and now at this juncture of his life when I enviously look back at all that he has achieved and try to emulate, he is embarking on yet another perfect next phase – of making an impact in the lives of others. For people like him, who have lived their life so well and fulfilled, it is only apt to continue to share their experiences with everyone.
His tagline and motto are as if made for his personality – “Get Inspired” and “Love U Zindagi” – exactly how he has always lived and inspired everyone around him to live. I feel so proud in wishing him all the success with upcoming experiences and at the same time I feel so thrilled for those who will cross path with him as I know from experience that he will leave a lasting positive impact in their lives. What a way to lead by example Dad. Keep Rocking !!!
Pratik Chandarana
Vice President -Finance
@ Fortune 100 Global Bank

The 2nd. * IATD Alumni Meetup

(on Sunday 25th, September)

The highlight was Dilip Ji’s ” Life Experiences Session“- …..it was truly authentic, engaging, humourous and had lot of ‘wonderful’ takeaways-summarised very creatively into the word R E L I S H as an acronym.

Naveen Nandigam, International Trainer & Success Coach , 3N Thrive

Dilip Ji, once again appreciate your wonderful presentation at our Alumni….Admire your Rich Life Experiences, excellent positive attitude and sense of youthfulness….you are an inspiration to me.

Jaldi Ratna Sudheer : Author, Lyricist & Trainer